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Q: What about the weather? Is the registration money refundable?

A:  The South Dakota Youth Track and Field Championship committee is hopeful that 2018 will be a warm, sunny day and the event can occur as planned.  In 2017, Mother Nature did not comply and we could not ask our volunteers never mind our competitors to venture out that dreary Saturday and thus we refunded everyone their registration.  We will be prepared for the weather issue this year and will plan to mail out the competitor’s t-shirt to all those who are registered in advance, but will retain the registration fees in order to cover expenses incurred in planning the event.  Anyone who had registered past the t-shirt guarantee deadline, will be refunded accordingly.

Q: Is this meet a national qualifier?

A: No, although this meet is following USATF rules, the meet is not a USATF nor AAU qualifier. All events will be governed using the USATF 2016 competition guide. http://www.usatf.org/ About/Competition-Rules.aspx. For example, for high jump, rule 182.2 will be enforced where “competitors must take off from one foot.”

Q: Is there an admission charge?

A: No entrance into the South Dakota Youth Track and Field Championship is free, but a freewill bucket will be present for a suggested $1.00 admission donation for adults. There are always unforeseen expenses beyond the purchase of medals, ribbons, meals for the volunteers, etc, that this small donation will go towards.   Fans and competitors are free to come and go all day; however, this is a rolling schedule of running events, so races may certainly run ahead of schedule.

Q: What are the event limits and entry fees?

A:   Each competitor in their respective 2006-07 born and younger division may enter three events, with competitors in the 2004-05 division able to enter four events.    The entry fee for the first event is $10, with each subsequent event $5 for maximum fee of $20 for 2006-07 and younger and a maximum of $25 for 2004-05 born athletes.  The registrations received on and prior to May 12th deadline will be guaranteed a t-shirt, even in event of cancellation due to weather.  There are no sibling discounts.  All checks to be written to the booster club Tiger Nation.

 Q: What is the registration deadline? Are walk ups allowed?

A:  The deadline for early registration (and guaranteed t-shirt) is Saturday, May 12th.  The registration form and payment must be received on or prior to May 12th.  Athletes may walk up the day of the event until 8am to participate, no additional charge will be incurred; however, the t-shirt is not guaranteed.

Q: Is this meet limited to South Dakota youth only?

A: The South Dakota Youth Track and Field Championships are open to any youth who wish to compete. Area kids from Minnesota, Iowa, or any state are very welcome to participate. Information about this event will be distributed to elementary and middle school gym teachers in the state/area.

Q: Do parents need to present a copy a birth certificate?

A: This event will trust that parents will select the correct age group accurately for a true, fair competition. Presenting a birth certificate at registration is not necessary; however, it is suggested that proof of age be provided in the event of a challenge.

Q: Can the schedule change?

A: Yes, the current schedule listed is an early draft and will be adjusted as registrations come in. The field events will have set times, beginning at 8am, while as the running events now scheduled to begin at 10am, will be on a rolling schedule as the number of competitors warrant. A complete and accurate schedule will be posted the week of the event and will be inserted in the printed program for sale at the event.

Q: Will there be food available?

A: A full concession stand will be available for snacks and meals.

Q: What are the age groups?

A:  Each two year age group is determined by birth year aligned with USATF rules. The age groups are as follows,  2004-2005, 2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2010-2011, and 2012 and younger.  Each age group is also divided by male and female and the top six finishers in each of those divisions will be awarded a medal or ribbon accordingly.

Q: What are the awards given?

A: Medals will be awarded for Gold, Silver, Bronze ( 1st – 3rd ) and ribbons for 4th – 6th place in each gender of each age group. Awards will be presented after the event has concluded and results have been verified. Athletes will be ushered to the award stand for announcement and presentation by the finish line.  But if we get a little ahead or behind, listen to all announcements regarding awards.

Q: Does my child get a t-shirt from this event? Will you sell shirts at the meet?

A:  Yes, each pre-registered competitor will get a t-shirt with the event log on the front and sponsors on the back.  The guaranteed t-shirt deadline is Saturday, May 12, 2018.  We do not plan to sell t-shirts at the track meet.

Q: Can parents go down on the track with their child?

A: We encourage parents to avoid coming down on the track due to the javelin throws, etc all occurring at once; however, the youngsters may certainly want their mother or father with them as they line up for races or jumps. Please be aware of the track events and keep your son/daughter and his/her siblings from interfering in any of the competition.   The announcer will keep the crowd up to date which competitors need to be where as the days’ events roll along.

Q: Are all events final? Will there be preliminaries and then a final race?

A: All events are final. Unless a large number of registrations warrant it, only the 100 meter dash may have preliminaries and a final in its group, to be determined by pre-registration close date of May 12th.

Q: If 2004 and 2005 born youth can compete, can my middle schooler who qualified for the South Dakota State Track Meet the following weekend compete in this event as a work out?

A:  No, no varsity athlete who will be competing at the state track meet can participate in this event, doing so may result in a disqualification for your varsity competitor.  Please do not register in this circumstance!

Q: Will the boys and girls always be separated in each age group?

A: No, if an event such as the 1500 meter run has a low number of registrants, the girls and boys of their age group may run together. In some circumstances, the meet may have several age groups run at the same time to keep the meet on a rolling schedule. Of course, the medals and ribbon awards will continue to reflect that child’s age group and will be distributed justly.
So, there could possibly be three or more 1st place finishers in the same event, if are competing as different gender or age group.

Q: Will starting blocks be provided for sprinting events?

A: Yes, Harrisburg HS will provide starting blocks for any competitor wishing to use them.

Q: Are throwing implements provided?  Can I bring my own?

The meet will provide shots, discus, and mini-javelins for the competition.  Competitors may bring their own, but they must be checked in and each implement will be available for all competitors to use in that division.

Q: What is a mini-javelin anyway? Is it safe?

javelinA: The rubber mini javelin weighs just 300 grams and does not have any sharp surface. Tiger Nation, courtesy of its meet sponsors as listed, is distributing mini javelins, shot puts and discusses to each Harrisburg elementary and middle school building. So, Harrisburg Tigers will have already had an opportunity to throw each of these items of youth field equipment.

Q: Can my child compete with spikes in his/her running cleats?

A: Only a 3/16” pyramid spike is permitted on the HHS Track.

Q: Will there be an opportunity for photos?

A: Yes, awards will be handed out at the finish line following the event, but for parents’ ease, a photo backdrop will be available near the track entrance. Families can take photos of the competitor in front of the South Dakota Youth Track and Field Championships backdrop with their medal/ribbon/etc at their convenience any time during the day.

Q: Where does the proceed money from this event go?

A: As Tiger Nation currently handles all of its fundraisers, the profits from the day will be distributed to the extra curricular groups based upon the percentage of those volunteering at this event. The registration fee is non-refundable, profits made by Tiger Nation will be distributed.

Q: What is the All-Meet team?  How is it figured?

One top athlete in each age division for each gender will be honored as a member of the South Dakota Youth Track and Field Championship All-Meet Team. Recipients will receive a certificate and a patch designating this achievement.

Q: I have more questions? Who do I contact?

A: Please reach out to two of our executive committee chairs with further questions:
 Dr. Kip McKee at kip.mckee@k12.sd.us or Vicki Lanier viclanier7@gmail.com .